Budget-Friendly Basement Renovation Ideas


For a lot of people, the basement serves as the landing zone for those things we don’t know what to do with. Many homeowners have dreams of a basement as an extra living space. A place where they can enjoy family time or relax with friends. However, most scoff at the idea of basement renovation that costs thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, creating a basement that’s both attractive and functional doesn’t have to be complicated or costly at all. Here are some awesome, budget-friendly ideas to jump-start your basement renovation project.

Create A Space For Everyone

If your basement is one large open space that doesn’t really suit everyone’s needs, you can create beautiful (and simple) room dividers with wooden pallets. Stand them on end and attach the two pallets to make a cornered wall.

Hang the kid’s artwork, family photos, or even paintings on the outside slats for added elegance and decor. Your room dividers can be used to create an instant office space or a place to hide the playroom toys when not in use.

If wooden pallets won’t work for your space, use some adorable bedsheets. Simply hang them from cables or curtain rods to create a partition and achieve the same look. The possibilities are endless…

Penny For Your Thoughts

Everyone’s heard the saying “penny for your thoughts”. How about creating a dramatic and unique flooring solution with pennies? The wow factor is off the charts and it won’t break the bank.

All you need is enough pennies (or bottle caps) to cover the floor. Also get some glue, grout, and several coats of sealant. Once you have your surface completely clean and prepped, start gluing the pennies in place. Once done, apply grout to fill in the spaces between the coins. Then finish with several coats of quality sealer for an awesome glossy finish. The biggest investment here is time.

Fabulous Floors

Bored of the drab concrete floor in your basement? Consider your concrete floor as a blank canvas that’s ready for your personal touch. The possibilities are simply endless here.

You can choose to paint the entire floor a solid color or get a bit more creative and add a stencil to dress it up. You can use the stencil to cover the entire floor or keep it simplistic with something like a wandering vine stencil around the perimeter of your concrete floor.

Ditch The Boring Block Walls

Choose several shades from the same color palette and get creative! You can use the different shades to paint each block and even mimic limestone and brick with this technique.

For a more industrial look, you can choose inexpensive corrugated metal paneling and attach them to the walls for added light and reflection with a unique twist. For a more flexible and interchangeable look, add some quality draperies or gorgeous textiles to cover the block walls.

Look Up For Inspiration

Basements are notorious for exposed ceilings and pipes along with insufficient lighting.

If you like the exposed beams but need more lighting, consider adding strings of garden lights for a whimsical airy feel. These can be hung in a symmetrical layout or crisscrossed across the room for a more laid-back comfy feel.

You can also create a loft-like feel to your space by painting the ceiling and rafters with an accent color, or even black! This project will require more time than anything, but the results are well worth the effort.

If you would rather hide the pipes, textiles can offer some amazing options. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you can drape gorgeous fabrics from the rafters with heavy duty staples or tacks, and create a whole new feel to your space.

Luxurious Leather Bathroom Renovation

Get an upscale look by recycling leather belts. This project can be scaled to make a well-placed rug in any size you need or even cover an entire floor! For your rug, cut a durable piece of fabric and trim the belts to fit the rug. Use glue to attach and…. instant wow factor!